Air Plant Collection - Beginner (3 Pack)
This collection includes three small air plants of different varieties, hand picked by me. It is the perfect set to introduce you to the world of air plants. Get started with this trio of very hardy varieties. Enjoy this plant!
Cholla Wood
Cholla is an extremely spiny cactus found in the desert. Once the plant dies and the spines and flesh fall away you are left with the cactus bones. Use them as stands for your air plants or accents in succulent...
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Spanish Moss - Thick Form
Spanish moss has a whimsical look adding beauty where ever it is placed. It is also a member of the air plant family and will continue to grow longer as it multiplies. When it blooms, the cluster is marked by...
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It is no surprise that this air plant is lovingly known as the "Queen of the Air Plants". Its elegant, dusty grey leaves give it a whimsical look. Its leaves curl in magical tendrils making you wonder if this is...
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Air Plant Collection - Premium (6 Pack)
In this collection we will send you a beautiful variety of six unique airplants. This is the perfect mix to make a stunning air plant display.
Tillandsia vanhyningii
This ionantha variety has short thick leaves covered in trichomes. It is a hardy variety that blushes bright pink when in bloom.  Plants shipped are 3-4 inches long. 
Grape Wood
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Grape Wood
This Grape Wood is from vines that were about 100 years old and were not longer producing grapes. They have been cut and sandblasted revealing the interesting natural designs of the wood. They are perfect for displaying your favorite air...
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Tillandsia crocata
This fuzzy white beauty produces and orange, yellow flower that is fragrant. It grows in cloud like clusters.  Fragrant flowers on air plants are rare making this plant extra special. Its smell is intoxicating.  Plants shipped are 4" 
Tillandsia funkiana
This air plant has soft silvery thin leaves that blush red when in flower. The plant will grow into a large cluster over time.  Flowers are bright red Plants shipped are approx 5"
Tillandsia caput-medusae
This beautiful air plant has thick, fuzzy leaves that twist outward.  Flowers a blush pink stock purple flowers.  Plants shipped are approx. 7"
Tillandsia bergeri
This air plant is grey green with tapering leaves. This variety is robust and grows quickly and produces red flower stalks with purple flowers.  Plants shipped are approx. 6 inches long. 
Tillandsia Aleta
This unique Ionantha hybrid grows in a flute shape with long leaves. Plant will blush rose color when flowering.  Plants shipped are 6-7 inches. 
Ionantha Apretado BRT
Large Ionantha with tightly constricted leaves.  Blushes bright pink when flowering.  Rare variety from Mexico.  Plants shipped are approx. 5" long. 
Tectorem Ecuador
People can not help but want to pet this air plant. Its fuzzy leaves give this air plant a magical look and also make it one of the easiest air plants to care for. Its trichomes (the fuzz) give it...
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Streptophylla has an onion shaped base with leaves that spiral down in tight curls. The plant will get a tall flower spike with a pink blush that lasts for weeks. This is a very hardy variety that does well almost...
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Bulbosa Belize
This striking variety is definitely one to add to your collection. Bulbosa Belize will get much larger than the regular Bulbosa variety. It can grow up to 18" and possibly larger. When it flowers, its sleak green leaves blush a...
Tillandsia espinosae (large form)
This rare form of the plant reaches an impressive size of about 12 inches across. It is silver in color with many leaves.  Plant produces babies on long spikes.  This plant produces a bright red spike with blue flowers.  Plants...
Tillandsia araujei
This bright green air plants grows long and thin and does well as a hanging plant. Over time it will multiply and cluster. Plant grows approximately 14 inches.  Produces a delightful pink flower spike with white flowers.  Plants shipped are...
Tillandsia ixioides- Large
This easy to grow air plant is silvery green with stiff leaves. Grows in clusters over time an produces beautiful yellow flowers Plants shipped are 8" across. 
Tillandsia pringlei
This air plant has silvery, blue leaves that are logn and skinny. It grows quickly and will have many pups.  Flowers grow on a long flower spike with cream colored flowers.  Plants shipped are approx. 8"
Tillandsia fluxuosa- Large Specimen
Bright green leaves with a slight twist. These are plants grow babies on a long flower spike. Flowers are a unique maroon thin flower.  Plants shipped are approx. 8" across 
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Tillandsia palacea (flaca)
Long silvery air plant with pointy staggered leaves. Blooms are purple. Skinny form of palacea that tends to cluster.  Plants shipped are 6-8 inches and will grow to 8-10 inches and cluster
Tillandsia Majestic (Chiapensis X Concolor)- Large rare specimen
 Rare hybrid with beautiful blooms.  Plant produces a red flower spike with purple flowers.  Plants shipped are approx. 12 inches wide  and will grow to 18-24 inches
Tillandsia espinosa small form- LARGE
This beautiful air plant has hardy silvery leaves in a slightly spiraled form. This variety will grow a max of approx. 8-9 inches across and grows pups on long stems that shoot off from the mother.  Plant produces a red...
Large Ionantha Peach
Lovely Ionantha variety with thick, plump leaves. Does best in bright indirect light. Will grow many pups.  Plant leaves turn a unique neon peach color when in bloom with a purple flower Plants shipped are 4-5 inches
Tillandsia Riohondoensis AKA Rio Hondo
These large beautiful plants have long velvety grey-ish leaves that blush a beautiful red/ pink color in bright light.  Flower spike is peach with purple flowers.  Plants shipped are approx. 12" across 
Funkiana closed form
Long slender pine needle like air plant that tends to cluster.  Tips blush red when flowering with red flowers Plants shipped are approx. 8" long
Tillandsia Diaguitensis
This air plant grows in long stacks and is very hardy. It is drought tolerant making it a good beginner air plant.  It tends to branch out and form clusters. Flowers are white and fragrant. Plant shipped is approx. 8"...
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