• How to Care for Succulents Indoors

    How to Care for Succulents Indoors

    There are those with green thumbs, and others with an uncanny ability to kill the hardiest of plants. Regardless of where your talents lay on the wide spectrum of gardening ability, learning how to care for succulents indoors can give you a great boost of relaxation, if you're looking for a way to brighten up your indoor space.  After all, caring for plants can directly...
  • How Often Should I Water My Succulents?

    How Often Should I Water My Succulents?

      Watering Succulents the Right Way Succulents are fleshy plants that store water in their leaves. The name succulent comes from the latin word sucus which means “juice” or “sap”. Succulents are around 70 percent water which allows them to go long periods of time without being watered. In their natural habitat they grow in porous soil and get water infrequently. When caring for...
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